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The volunteers are of great importance for Pueblito. A staff that is involved in the operation of the institution, which provides assistance in different areas. With the experience, skills and talents of the volunteers, help a people achieve their goals. In turn, it becomes an experience of pure personal enrichment, observing the efforts and achievements of the same children reach throughout the period of volunteering.

The educators who contribute in our institution function as a body of direct educational support in the basic areas and also in the learning of English. At the same time, they dedicate themselves to collaborate with the school responsibilities that each student possesses during their school year and they program different recreational and recreational activities to develop skills in the fine and coarse motor. For this, it is necessary to provide constant support to children and adolescents and be involved and involved with the school and institutional dynamics.

Those in charge of direct care are the pillar of our alternative of protection. They exercise the role of surrogate mothers, providing care, affection and protective factors for children and adolescents at social risk. An essential characteristic for this position is a person with a disposition and vocation for direct work with children and adolescents, fostering values ​​and principles in their work. Over 30 years old, single and preferably with experience in working with minors at social risk.




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